The reservations management system lets you manage the reservation bookings which have been created by your customers or by your staff. Here you can create a reservation booking, amend a reservation booking and change the status of the reservation bookings. When your customer creates a reservation booking through the online booking form you will see the reservation here.  You can then amend, add notes, confirm and reject the booking too.

The reservations list comes with extra features such as filtering the reservation based on status, sorting the reservations based on status or reservation date and you are also able to update and delete reservations.

Empty Reservations List

The following is the example of the reservations management screen. The list is currently empty because no reservations have been created by you or your customers.

Empty reservations list.

Create A Reservation Booking

To create a new reservation from the administration panel click Add New on the Reservations screen.  This will open up the Add New Reservation editor window where you can enter the details and notes of your customers reservation.  Once you have finished entering your customers details click Save Reservation. When you go back to your reservations list you will see that your reservation will appear in the list as pending.

Reservation creation in WordPress admin.

Reservation Created

Once you or your customer has created a reservation either through the admin or the website online booking form it will appear in the list as follows.

Reservation one item created.

As you can see the details of the reservation are available from the admin screen.  You are given the customer name, party size, phone number, email address, the reservation start time, the reservation status and the action buttons to further manage the reservation.