When a reservation has been created it will be given an initial status of Pending. This shows that the reservation has been created but has not been confirmed or rejected by the restaurant management. The customer will have been notified by email that they have made a request but will be waiting for confirmation about their reservation booking. This status requires you to action the reservation and either confirm or reject the booking.

You can change the status of the booking very easily. Open the reservations management list and click edit on the reservation which you would like to change the status of. Once the reservation has open you will see on the right hand side of the screen that you can change the status. Click the edit box next to the status and in the drop down box click the status which you wish to change the reservation too. The appropriate notification will be sent to the customer about their reservation booking status.

Reservation changing status dropdown selector.

When you navigate back to the reservation bookings list you can see that the status of the reservation has been updated.

Reservation statuses, pending, confirmed and deleted.