To create your online booking form you will need to either input the shortcode on the page you wish to display the form or use the menu button on the page editor to insert the shortcode.

1) First option, you can use the shortcode [syn_restaurant_reservation] to insert the shortcode.

2) Second option, you can insert the shortcode directly from your editor menu.  When you create your booking page and insert your text on the page you will see a new button has been added to your WordPress editor.  Click this button and choose Restaurant Reservation, this will insert the form into your page.  See the image below.


When you now visit your reservations page you will see an online booking form similar to the image below.  The form can be used as is but if you wish to style the form further you will need to update your themes CSS file.  The html elements of the form have been labelled correctly so that you can target each element and style it.

If you are not technical and you want a well styled form why not visit our restaurant themes and choose a theme today.  You will not only get a well styled reservation form but a whole lot more.

Restaurant online reservation table booking form.

This is an example of the online booking form.

Online Reservation Form Validation

The booking form has validation enabled so that when your customers fill out the form they will need to enter all the required data to make the reservation valid.  This makes sure that when a reservation has been created you have vital information missing.

Restaurant table booking reservation form validation.

Online reservation form validation.

Booking Form Demo

If you would like to see the online reservation form demo please click the button below.

Online Reservation Form Demo