The general settings are key pieces of data which are used for validation in your reservation form and also for notifications.  These settings are basic and will only take a few seconds to configure.

Maximum Group Size

When your customer creates a reservation they will not be able to enter a number which exceeds the group size value when entering their party details.  This maximum number is the value which you can only cater for in each sitting.  The default value is 15 people.  You can alter this number for your own party size.

Reservation Success Message

When a customer fills out the reservation form this is the message which is displayed once the form has been submitted to you.  You may change the default message which has been displayed here.

Restaurant Telephone Number

This is your restaurant main customer contact number.  This will appear in the email notifications which are emailed to your customer.  This is important and should be filled in so that your customer can contact you directly if they need to.

Restaurant general settings.

Restaurant general settings for the components of the system.