When a table reservation has been made the customer will automatically receive an email notification about their booking.  This will inform you and your customer about the details and times of the booking.  There are 3 stages to the booking request.  Pending, Confirmed and Rejected.  The emails sent for these 3 stages can be changed.  When you change the reservation status for the reservation booking the email will automatically send to the user.

Notification Details

The following settings can be altered to fit your restaurant requirements.  Some helper settings and details have been pre set to help you get started when configuring your notification email settings.  You can change these settings again at any time.

Reply To Name

This will appear as the From Name in the email, you can set this to your restaurant name.

Reply To Email

This is the email address which the customer can reply to if they have any further enquiries.

Administrator Email Subject

When a new reservation booking request is made you administrator will receive an email about the new reservation booking request that has been made.  This means that you will always be notified about new bookings when on the move.

Administrator Email

When your new reservation booking request has been made the email will be sent to your administrator.  You can tailor this email so that you can inform your administrator with instructions or details about the booking.

Notification basic admin settings.

New Reservation Booking Request

When your customer creates a reservation booking this email template will be created and sent to their email inbox. You can tailor this and add extra information if you need to.

New Reservation Email Subject

This is the email subject which will be attached to the email when a new reservation booking request is made.  They will see this in their email inbox.

New Reservation Email

This is the main body of the email which the customer will receive when they create an new reservation booking.  This can be tailored so that you can add extra information about their booking.

New reservation booking request.

Confirm Reservation Booking Request

When you have tables free for this booking you can confirm the customers request. Once you have confirmed a request this is the email which will be sent to your customer.

Reservation Confirmed Email Subject

When you confirm the customers reservation booking request this is the email subject which will display on the confirmation email.

Reservation Confirm Email

This is the email body which is attached to the confirmation of the reservation booking request.  This can be tailored to add any information which you wish to send to your customer regarding the booking.

Confirm reservation booking request.

Rejected Reservation Booking Request

If you are full at this time or for any reason you need to reject your customers booking your customer will be notified with this email.

Reservation Rejected Email Subject

This is the subject which is attached to the rejected reservation booking request.

Reservation Rejected Email

The email body which is attached to the rejected reservation booking request is here. You can tailor this email with any information or apologies required to be sent when a customer is rejected a reservation.

Reject reservation request email.