Restaurant Manager Plugin

Managing your restaurant online is now possible with our new restaurant manager plugin.  There are many restaurant plugins available on the market today but we believe that ours offers the best features, plugin extensions and themes.  It is now so simple to accept table bookings and reservations online through you website table reservation form.  You can also create reservation bookings in your admin panel for those important phone bookings.  With just a few details from your customer your will have a reservation created and your customer will be notified.  What makes this plugin create reservations at ease and how can I manage my timeslots for my table bookings?

Reservation Scheduler

Restaurant Manager plugin has a built in scheduler where you can build timeslots for your restaurant.  The scheduler is easy to use and has the ability to combine schedules for more complex opening and closing times.  Most restaurants do not have a simple 9am – 5pm opening times as this is unrealistic.  With the scheduler you are able to pick each day and configure the time slot for that day.  If you have two distinct opening periods for one day you can create multiple schedules and they are automatically combined to create the opening and closing times.  This is great for restaurants that open during the day and re-open at night.

Creating Your Online Booking Form

It couldn’t be any easier when it comes to creating your online booking form.  There is not coding involved whatsoever, you don’t have to write any html for your form, its assimple as opening the restaurant manager shortcode menu from the WordPress editor window and click the Restaurant Reservation menu option.  This drops the correct shortcode into your editor to create an online form.  This menu is so easy to use, there is nothing more annoying than having to hunt down those important shortcodes when you need to output the controls.  When you install an extension if it requires a shortcode for the website frontend a menu option will appear here.

The online booking form can work with any theme but if you wish to layout your controls differently you may need some custom css.  This isn’t much of a drawback considering that you can instantly be up and running taking reservation bookings in no time. SyntaxThemes have created some awesome restaurant themes which you really should check out.


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