When you create meals for your restaurant your are able to add titles, descriptions, pricing and other properties to your meal. Once you have created your meal you can then assign it to you menu and add other requirements such as its course and dietary type. The restaurant meals and menu items are versatile so you can create one meal and assign it to multiple menus. When you display the menu on your website the easy to use shortcode will help you build you menu and display it.  You can filter the meals as you may have lots to choose from.  This makes it quick, easy and less confusing men you have to go through your meals and choose them for your website frontend.

Adding a Menu

First create yourself a menu so that you can assign meals to it. Open the menus page under your restaurant menu and create your menu here.  This is very similar to creating a category in your Posts menu.  Once you have saved your menu you can then create a meal and assign this to your meal.  The same goes for course, dietary requirements and cuisines.

Adding a Meal

When adding a meal first enter the name of the meal in the title this will then create a url for your meal. You can enter a large description of the meal with the editor adding any other information here.  The excerpt is the short description of your meal this will be shown on the actually menu when it is rendered with other meal items. When you click on the meal item in the menu on the website you will then be taken to the post about the meal.  This is where the main description will be shown to the user.

Adding Meal Properties

There are several properties which can be applied to your meal. These will be rendered on your menu lists and the meal page. The properties are as follows:

Full Price

This is the full plate price for the meal, if you only have one price for your meal place that here.

Small Plate Price

This is reserved for meals which can be served in a smaller portion or for plates served specifically for children.

Display Pricing

This toggled the pricing for both full price and small plate price to on or off. It has been set to on as default.

Calories Count (kcal)

If you would like to display how many calories your meal offers you can state the value here. This can be left blank but is very useful for healthy meals and adds nutritional value.

New Addition

If your menu offers a new item click this boxes and it will highlight that your are offering a new addition to your menu.

Healthy Option

If you meal offers extra nutritional advantages and you want to show this then click this box to highlight to your customer that this meal is extra healthy.

Gluten Free

For customers who are gluten intolerant this box will help them instantly see the meals on offer which cater for this special requirement. All other dietary requirements such as Vegetarian and Vegan can be placed in the dietary requirements box.

Spice Rating

For customers who like spicy food or for those that don’t like it so spicy this spice rating will help them out.  Leave it set to None Spicy if it is not a spciy meal or you can set a spice rating of between 1 – 3, 3 being very spicy.